About Face

Goddess S and I both had the day off so we decided to do an at-home facial for our blog. I’ve never had a professional facial before since I usually do this routine myself. But Goddess S has told me that the at-home is just as good as having someone else do it and the results are the same.

So whether or not you’ve had a professional facial before, save your money, because Goddesses S & H are going to give you the step-by-step to a beautiful, glowing face.

You will need:

An exfoliate
A towel
A bowl
Facial cleanser
A facial mask
(Optional) Cotton balls

Step 1: Fill a coffee pot with water and bring to a boil.

Step 2: Remove all makeup, if any.

Step 3: Exfoliate
Use whatever is good for your skin type. A lot of people I know use the St. Ives Apricot Scrub, But I have a problem with blackheads around my top lip-line which the apricot scrub wasn’t doing anything for. I’ve seen amazing results since I started using Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Scrub every day.

Step 4: Pour water into a bowl
With your towel, cover your head over the bowl of hot water so the steam is rising directly in your face for 10 minutes. If it’s too hot you can move your face further away from the bowl. The idea is to get a sweat going.

Step 5: After your 10 minutes are up, now is the time to extract any blackheads your face has since the pores have been steamed open. Use Q-tips to squeeze out the clogged dirt to avoid scarring from fingernails.

Step 6: Cleanse your face. I like to use those disposable Oil of Olay facial cloths that you can just add water to. Pat dry.

Step 7: Put on your facial mask for 10 minutes until it hardens. I’ve been using Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask to supplement the scrub.
Goddess S was using Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask but as soon as she put it on, her face was burning around her cheekbones so she washed it off immediately and used my Clean & Clear with no problem.
(Optional: Soak a couple of cotton balls in cool water and place them over your eyes. Lay down for the 10 minutes and play some relaxing music. It’s quite the rejuvenating time out!)

Step 8: After your 10 minutes, wash your mask off and pat your face dry.

Step 9: Put on a touch of moisturizer and revel in your clean, soft skin!


We Nailed It!

Goddess S and I decided to go on a good ol’ fashioned trip to the mall today for knockaround shoes and shorts for summer. On an impulse we decided to get our nails done.

Now, I usually don’t make a habit of getting a “professional” manicure, but I forgot to bring my mani/pedi sets with me when I came to school for the year. So now I’m stuck paying a woman with an indecipherable accent $12 for something I can easily do myself.

Next time you want to get your nails done, do yourself a favor: save your money. Because Goddess H is gonna tell you how to do your own professional at-home manicure (fluency in Korean not required).

You Will Need:

-A Manicure Set
Okay, I know I’m trying to save you $12, and a good set will most likely cost more than that, but trust me, after a few at-home manicures, the set will pay for itself. I bought mine back in 2005 for somewhere around $20 (technically I got it for $4 because WalMart went insane…the point is, the set was originally $20 and after two manicures I got my¬† $4 back by not going to a professional), which isn’t bad considering it’s just as good as those really pricey department store ones.

I use one by a company called Ms. Manicure and it’s been good to me for the past 6 years.

Apparently sometime in a marketing meeting someone had the idea that pink and black makes people think of France.

-A Small Bowl
For water

-A Liquid Soap with Aloe
Or any kind that has any softening ingredient in it.

Your nails would thank you if they could talk...but they can't....because that would be weird.

-A Hand Towel

-An Exfoliate
My personal favorite is the “60 Second Manicure Hand Scrub” by True Blue Spa (Bath and Body Works)

They recently changed all the True Blue packaging from blue to pink. Way to mess with my head, Bath & Body!

-Hand Lotion
Also from True Blue, my favorite is one that used to be called “Look Ma, New Hands!”

I feel like I'm getting conjunctivitis just looking at the bottle.

Step 1: Fill your bowl halfway with lukewarm (not hot!) water. While the tap is running, squirt a little of your soap into the bowl. Soak your fingers in the water for about 3 to 5 minutes.

Step 2: Clean under your nails using the little brush in your manicure set. Wipe any excess water and soap off your hands with your towel.

Step 3: Using your cuticle nipper, clip off any hangnails you have.

Step 4: File your nails down to the shape you want them in using an emery board. I highly suggest getting the 7-sided emery board they have at WalMart. It’s inexpensive, and includes the steps for filing, buffing and polishing your nails right on the board itself.

Step 5: If you don’t have the 7-sided emery board, your manicure set should have a buffer. Buff your nails to smooth out any ridges.

Step 6: By this time you probably have nail dust all over your hands. Dip your nail brush into your water bowl and scrub your nails again. Wipe them off with your towel.

Step 7: Exfoliate your hands for about a minute, rinse and dry. Massage lotion through your hands, wrists and fingers. I hear this stimulates nail growth.

Step 8: If your emery board has a “shine” side, now’s the time to shine/polish your nails.

Step 9: Choose a color and paint your nails!

Step 10: Admire your handiwork.

-Goddess H