Your Classic Closet

The catalyst event that sort of started this blog was the adventure we had a few weeks ago with Goddess S’s closet.

A while ago I found a book about clothes by Amy E. Goodman called Wear This, Toss That. Most of the info was common sense (if it doesn’t fit, toss it!), so I didn’t get it. I did, however, find the page “fashion essentials” very interesting.

I showed the list to Goddess S, who said, “You know, I’ll bet I have everything on this page somewhere in my closet. I would just have to go looking for it.”

Her closet was packed with things she hadn’t worn in years and wanted to get rid of, so we set aside the following Friday to go through her wardrobe. Should’ve been easy enough. Look for the “essentials”, Toss what she didn’t want or didn’t fit, and keep the clothes she wanted.

It took us two and a half hours to go through one closet and two dressers. The “toss” pile was so high we had to start a second one and ended up filling five garbage bags to Goodwill.

I was like:

And GS was all:

We were absolutely exhausted by the experience, and vowed that we were going to go through our closets at least once a year so we never had to deal with Goodwill Mountain ever again.

As it turned out, GS actually did have most of the items from the “essentials” list in her closet. What she didn’t have she made her own list for things to look for next time she went clothes shopping.

As exhausted as we were, it was a fun project we definitely recommend. And for your own closet adventure, here is the list without further ado:

Classic Items To Have In Your Closet

(Note: Take this list with a grain of salt. I’m calling it “classic items” rather than “essentials” because “essentials” tends to mean you absolutely have to have everything here and you don’t. Really, if there’s an item listed here that you don’t have, you don’t have to run out this exact moment and go get it if you survived this long without it. If your job doesn’t call for you to wear a suit, it’s not really essential for you to have 3 suits just sitting in your closet for ages.)

4 Shirts:
-2 Button-down shirts, with one being a neutral color
-2 Blouses

2 Stylish T-Shirts:
1 Short or long sleeved
-1 tank top

5 Sweaters:
3 neutral
-2 colorful

6 Pants:
3 trousers
-3 jeans (one for work, one for dates, one for “play”)

3 Skirts:
-2 pencil or A-line
-1 full/long or short skirt

4 Dresses:
2 Work/day dresses
-1 Little Black Dress
-1 colorful cocktail dress

3 Suits:
-1 black
-1 other neutral
-1 color

3 Coats:
-1 trench
-1 fitted blazer
-1 three-quarter-length coat

9 Shoes:
-3 heels
-3 flats
-2 boots (1 with a heel, 1 without)
-1 stylish sneaker

5 Bags:
-2 neutrals (make one black or brown)
-1 color
-1 tote
-1 evening bag

2 Belts:
1 medium-width
-1 narrow

Gifs are from this website: Why Don’t You Just Say It With GIFs?

-Goddess H