Hi there! You probably clicked this link on accident, or maybe you just legitimately want to know about who we are.

We’re nobody, we swear. We’re not fashion or makeup “experts”. Neither of us has worked at a cosmetics counter…although Goddess S did go to beauty school for awhile but dropped out after six months because apparently it sucked.

We’re just two college students with a shared interest in girly things like makeup and fashion.
However, we are NOT vapid, spoiled, rich girls that take daddy’s credit cards to Prada for $600 sunglasses. On the contrary, we’re independent and make our own money. We might like to look at the Gucci capris but you’ll be more likely to find us at JC Penney dropping Hamiltons for the $9.99 look-alike (and for the record, Goddess H has a rule about not spending more than $5 on a pair of sunglasses because she manages to lose hers constantly). You’ll find a lot of the things on our blog are about saving money by doing your own facials, manicures, etc. at home.

Also, we are very aware that outer beauty not only fades, but constantly changes to suit the media’s idea of what beauty is. We are very familiar with low self-esteem and want to make it our side-mission to make sure women feel good about themselves inside and out. An intelligent, confident woman who loves herself for who she is, is beautiful until the day she dies.

Goddess S

Style: Trendy

Style Icons: Undecided

Goddess H

Style: Classic Glam

Style Icons:


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