Throw Away Your Skintimate (Like A Girl)

Goddesses S & H are back after a long hiatus, a trip to New York City and a ridiculously fun obsession with Kreayshawn and WGM. Swag.
But more about that later.

How Goddess S and I spent our summer.

I was going to write about this during the summer, since the subject of shaving your legs is more relevant when it’s hot outside. But better late than never.

Do you own a can of feminine shave-gel or cream? Specifically Skintimate, since I don’t really know if there are any other companies that market shaving creams especially for women.
If you do, and you’re almost out of it and on your way to go to the store for some more, read this first:

So over the summer I let Goddess S use the last of my Skintimate shave gel and I kept forgetting to get more until my legs resembled a bear-skin rug.
Before finally going to the store I used some of my boyfriend’s Barbasol shaving cream (Beard Buster!) to tide me over before I got my fancy-schmancy sparkly raspberry Skintimate.

I couldn’t believe how smooth my legs were! Much more so than shaving with my beloved Skintimate. Although I guess it made more sense, since beards are coarser than leg hair. But still, isn’t Barbasol a guy’s shaving cream? I am a woman, dammit! I want a pink can to make me smell like raspberries!!
So I went my merry way on to the store. I went to the aisle for the shaving cream and was confronted with my two choices:

Skintimate: 7 oz. can, almost $3.
Barbasol Beard Buster: 11 oz. can, $1.50

Mind you, I had just come back from the city with Goddess S, and my summer job had just ended so I was broke for the next couple of weeks until school started back up. I took the Barbasol.
I should also tell you, that this was back in early August, and my can of Barbasol is still going strong in the middle of October (not only is it more ounces, it’s a thick cream rather than a gel so I use MUCH less). Whereas had I gone with the Skintimate, I’d be on my third can by now.
Hm…$9 vs. $1.50? I think Barbasol has just made itself a permanent home in my shower caddy.

Some of you might be saying, “Well, duh, Goddess H! I never use feminine shaving creams! I already knew all this!”
And to you, I say, apparently my will for thriftiness were severely trumped by my need to have sparkle-legs that smell like raspberries.


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