“Curves Are Not A Flaw” Is Your New Mantra

Goddess S is off gallivanting in Europe right now. Which means I’m here to maintain the blog alone as I wallow in my jealousy.

I’ve been going to the gym recently because I’ve noticed I’ve put on a few pounds. I’ve gone off and on for the past few years but this time I really want to stick with a reasonable diet and exercise regimen with realistic goals. As a person who’s had her bouts with eating disorders it’s very important I remind myself I’m doing this to be healthy and not undo the re-wiring of my brain I had to do to fix the “I have to be skinny to be happy” mindset.

Of course, that’s not always easy to do. So every once in a while I have to:

1) Avoid the models and ultra-thin actresses in the magazines and on television. A quick look at the ads but if I linger too long on the magazine pages I’ll get into that “I’ll never be as thin and beautiful as her” mood.

2) Keep reminding myself, “That is not healthy.” when I see someone super-skinny, and realize that is not a reasonable body goal.

3) Google Image Searches for beautiful actresses that are closer to my body shape.

Christina Hendricks of "Mad Men"

Jayne Mansfield

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Marilyn Monroe

4) Replace all the negative adjectives for my body with positive, sexy-sounding ones: I’m not fat, I’m voluptuous. I don’t have big boobs, I have an ample bosom. (Goddess S thinks she has a big nose…I think it’s Romanesque.)

5) Realize that no matter how much I exercise and/or starve myself, I’m never going to look like whoever the latest “it-girl” is. I have a large body frame and even if I got down to 100 lbs, my huge-ass bones are going to stick out and I’ll never look like the sleek Kiera Knightly or Natalie Portman. The only person I can look like is me. I’m beautiful in my own way.

6) Remember we all think we’re flawed in some way. What I view as a flaw, someone else may covet and wish they had.


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